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Full Review of Lekky County Homes: How to Earn More ROI in 2023

Located off the Lekki-Epe expressway, Lekky County homes is a gated residential community located within Ikota villa estate.

Mega Mound investment Ltd., a joint venture of Megamound Ltd, Mayfair Building Society, and IFL Ventures, developed it. It occupies 66.8 hectares of land.

The estate has been well maintained, with trees planted along the roads and flowers planted in front of the houses.

It also features infrastructure such as roads, drainage, perimeter fencing, water supply and street lights. In addition, buildings must comply with a 10m setback from the streets roads.

Security is provided with a gated entrance and exit: visitors are required to call their hosts before being given access.

All together, these measures mean the estate management authority has done an impressive job keeping everything in order.


Most houses within the estate are either terraced duplexes built by the developer or family duplexes built by individuals. There are also a number of serviced apartment buildings and block of flats available.

There are plots of undeveloped lands available within the estate.

The estate was developed in phases, the developer sand fills the swampy land and provides necessary infrastructure such as: roads, drainage and landscaping, and then extends the estate’s area into the newly reclaimed land.

This provides an opportunity for property developers to buy lands at cheaper rates, build and then sell the houses when the infrastructure has been provided.

Typical property prices in the estate are:

  • Land – ₦70,000/sqm (developing areas), ₦90,000/sqm (developed areas)
  • 3 bedroom terraced duplex – ₦38 million – ₦45 million
  • 4 bedroom fully detached duplexes – ₦65 million – ₦90 million
  • 5 bedroom fully detached duplex – ₦70 million – ₦120 million

Service charge fee is ₦180,000 annually and it covers security, environmental services and waste management. Residents also pay ₦8,000 for treated water monthly.

Before building a house in Lekky county homes, there are some fees to be paid to the developer. 

If you buy land directly from the estate developer, you pay a sum of ₦1,650,000 for the cost of the survey document (₦650,000) and deed of sublease (₦1 Million).

If you buy from a secondary market seller, you pay a sum of ₦2,650,000 for the cost of the survey (₦650,000), deed of sublease (₦1 million) and transfer of ownership (₦1 million). 

There are other fees to be paid at different stages in the construction of your building such as:

Electricity (₦750,000) and water (₦500,000) connection fees, road access fee (₦400,000) and waste disposal fee (₦28,000) etc.

However, most of these fees also apply to other serviced estates in the area.

We can assist you in acquiring properties in Lekky County Homes and other parts of Lagos state. 

Please contact us at or call +234-915-307-8422 if you are interested. 

Also, if you are an estate developer with properties up for sale, you can get in touch with us and we’ll pay you a visit, make an objective review of the estate, create a virtual tour and write an article about it and in the end help you sell your property quicker.


Lekky County Homes has a single entrance and exit with security (armed and unarmed). The estate has security personnel on every street, intersection and other strategic locations.

Non-residents are not allowed entry until their hosts have cleared them.


The main route from Lekky County Homes to VI is via the Lekki express. The morning rush hour starts at about 6:30am in the estate.

There is a 40-minute to 2 hours drive from the estate to VI during peak rush hour (6:30am – 8:00am), but about a 25-minute drive during off-peak rush hours.


The estate has a good network of interlocked roads and drainage system. The road to the estate is interlocked and. Drainage channels in the estate are covered and they are on both sides of the road.

FLOODING: The estate doesn’t have any record of flooding and if infrastructure is well maintained there shouldn’t be any issue of flooding within the estate.


Lekky County Homes has a very good appreciation rate. Thus, it is by no means a no loss investment to any investor.


Electricity supply is dependent on EKDC. Lekky County Homes has a good distribution network, set of transformers and its own substation. 

Most residents supplement EKDC with the use of generators or inverter.


Lekky County Homes has a reliable supply of water from the central water treatment plant.


Lekky County Homes is well landscaped with flowers and trees all over. It is a paradise on earth.


Lekky County Homes has a Waste Management System. The Waste management is handled by the central management authority and it is very effective.

There are no heaps of dirt lying around the estate.


HEALTH FACILITIES: There’s a Medimart pharmacy inside Ikota villa estate, close to the estate’s gate.

BANKS: There is a branch of Zenith bank directly opposite the estate and an ATM at Mega Chicken restaurant close to the estate

TOP BARS, LOUNGES AND HOTELS: The Lekki Conservation Centre, Mega chicken restaurant in Ikota and Dreamworld Africana located along Orchid hotel road.

MALLS, COMMERCIAL CENTERS AND MARKETS: The VTL supermarket is close to the estate.

Other shopping centres in the vicinity include: Prince Ebeano Supermarket along Chevron drive and Circle mall (Shoprite) at Jakande. 

The closest local market is Ikota market.

SPORTS FACILITIES The estate has no sports facilities yet.

DOING BUSINESS IN THE AREA Setting up a big supermarket within the estate will be very

profitable, as there is only one small store within the estate which makes residents have to go out of the estate to get some basic things.


Lekky County Homes is for the Middle and high income earners that work on the island.  

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