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Revealed! Shocking Truth About Pinnock Beach Estate in 2023! Real Estate with Sally

Pinnock Beach Estate

We visited Pinnock Beach Estate recently and below are shocking truths we found out about the estate.

These truths will not only give you perspectives about the estate but also give you critical and comprehensive details about the estate to enable you to make a more informed decision when moving in.

About Pinnock Beach Estate – A Brief History Of Pinnock Beach Estate

Pinnock Beach Estate was launched in 2015 by UPDC a Real Estate investment arm of UACN who still maintains management of the estate.

The estate sits on over 30,000 square metres of land with a beautiful waterfront, where residents go from time to time to enjoy the cool air and views from nature.

Pinnock Beach Estate started out with lands selling at 100,000 naira per square metre subject to a minimum of 2000 square metre in size. 

And over the years, have appreciated to land selling for 350million per plot in 2023

The estate is covered by a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) issued by the Lagos State Government.

Residents are treated to a string of recreational facilities including a large swimming pool, gymnasium, a football court, basketball court, and a children’s playground. 

Other facilities include; a sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, fire alarm system, burglar alarm, and a 24-hour round-the-clock security check-in and patrol operatives, making Pinnock Beach Estate one of the most secure estates to live within the Lekki neighbourhood. 

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Pinnock Beach Estate Vs. Other Estates in Osapa London

We took a tour around Osapa London and several estates around it. These are our deductions on what makes Pinnock Beach Estate unique and exceptionally different from other estates surrounding it.

Security in Pinnock Beach Estate: 

Unlike several estates around here, Pinnock Beach estate it was a really tedious chore filming or flying a drone around this estate.

More so, most of the houses around here declined every attempt to take pictures or make a video of the properties despite being for sale. The collective response was almost always, “for security reasons.”

The few videos we were able to make were either under construction or because the developer was eager to sell.

The tight scrutiny on almost everything and anything coming in or going out of the estate certainly champions Pinnock Beach Estate as the most secured estate to live within Osapa London, Lekki Lagos in 2023.

The Pinnock Beach: 

Another unique and unconventional feature that sets Pinnock Beach Estate aside from every other estate in Osapa London is the waterfront beach in the estate.

Coming in from the estate gate, the pinnock beach is located by the second turn left. It is well-kempt with benches for visitors to relax in and boats available for hire.


Pinnock Beach Estate could pass for one of the most quiet neighbourhoods around Osapa London. We went round this estate, and almost everyone is either quiet locked in their house or not at home. 

The only frequent faces we saw are security patrols or site workers overseeing a construction.

The roads were empty of people with no form of noise at all, except for places around the construction sites.

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Who owns Pinnock Beach Estate?

Pinnock Beach Estate is an estate development by UPDC — a property subsidiary of UACN Holdings, UPDC Plc. The estate is currently one of the most secure estates to live within the Lekki neighbourhood, with a security system more rigorous than any other estate.

Where is Pinnock Beach Estate Located?

Pinnock Beach Estate is located in Osapa London, Lekki Lagos. Driving straight from Osapa London, Lekki road, also known as Jakande, Pinnock Beach is located at the end of the road.

How Much is Land in Pinnock Beach Estate?

The cost of land in Pinnock Beach Estate ranges between 350 million and 550 million naira depending on the size and level of urgency of the seller.

Direction to Pinnock Beach Estate

Coming in through the Lekki-epe expressway. Turn in towards Jakande Road where we have Shoprite, Lekki – Circle Mall, and on the opposite end, Mobil Filling Station and Femi Okunnu Housing Estate.  Drive down straight, towards the end of the road, and you’ll see Pinnock Beach estate, sitting pretty and waiting to welcome you.

House for Sale in Pinnock Beach Estate – Price of Houses in Pinnock Beach Estate

From our recent visit to the estate. The current price of houses in Pinnock Beach Estate ranges between 600 million as the most affordable and 4.5 billion as the most expensive.

Who Should Live in Pinnock Beach Estate?

Pinnock Beach Estate would make a profitable investment for buyers seeking security, and exclusivity within a serene neighbourhood in Lekki.

The estate is beautifully designed to accommodate these residence categories and has been systemised to ensure and cater to these expectations and experiences.

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