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Osapa London stands out as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Lekki. If you’re in search of properties that offer both quality and affordability, alongside close proximity to key landmarks that facilitate easy transportation, then you’re in for a remarkable opportunity.

Let’s delve into the compelling reasons why investing in Osapa London is a wise choice:

  1. Prime Location: Osapa London enjoys a premier location that’s in close reach of vital areas like Lekki phase 1 and Agungi. This not only enhances convenience but also adds a touch of luxury to the neighborhood, making it an attractive spot for property investment.
  2. Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Osapa London has been thoughtfully designed with a strong sense of community. The neighborhood radiates a warm and welcoming ambiance, making it a perfect fit for families looking to settle in.
  3. Abundant Greenery: Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of green spaces in Osapa London. The emphasis on green life not only contributes to a fresher and cleaner environment but also fosters a sense of tranquility and well-being among residents.
  4. Enhanced Security: While visiting Osapa London last year granted easy access, the security landscape has evolved. Presently, there is a substantial security presence, reassuring residents that their properties are well-protected. Your peace of mind and safety are paramount here.
  5. Great ROI: Purchasing or constructing a property in Osapa london is like having a golden ticket to the investment train. These homes not only become more valuable over time but also get higher price tags when you decide to sell them later. It’s like watching your investment grow and getting extra money when you cash in! 

With these compelling factors in mind, Osapa London emerges as a prime destination for those seeking quality properties with great value. Whether you’re looking for a family-oriented community, a lush green environment, or top-notch security, Osapa London offers it all, making it an excellent choice for both homeowners and investors. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this thriving and secure neighborhood.

Imagine strolling through this captivating neighborhood, where a lot of estates line the streets, each with its distinct charm that beckons people from every corner of life. These estates have carved their own niche in popularity, thanks to their irresistible allure and practicality. Let’s take a delightful journey through some of these remarkable estates that make this neighborhood shine like a gem:

1.Osapa London Estate 

Choosing to reside in Osapa London Estate is a top-notch decision because it offers a delightful array of high-quality amenities, such as excellent security, abundant lighting, uninterrupted water supply, well-maintained roads, and top-notch infrastructure, among other fantastic perks. 

This vibrant estate is just one of the numerous semi-luxury residential developments, tailor-made for middle-class individuals seeking an affordable yet comfortable urban lifestyle. Located strategically, it resides along a road that offers direct access to the bustling Lekki-Epe Expressway, making city center living a breeze!

2.Victory park Estate

Victory Park Estate, located in the charming Osapa area of Lekki, just behind Femi Okunnu Estate, is a welcoming gated community. Surrounded by numerous other estates, Victory Park is perfectly situated, offering a convenient 12-minute drive to Victoria Island, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a splendid place to call home.

Inside the estate, you’ll find an array of amenities, including a refreshing swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, a tennis court for sports enthusiasts, ample green spaces, telephone line connections, DSTV connectivity, and smoothly paved roads that ensure hassle-free movement. The estate as a whole prides itself on maintaining a pristine environment, which adds to its overall appeal.

Access to Victory Park Estate is restricted to ensure security and tranquility. Visitors are kindly requested to contact their hosts before gaining entry.

In terms of location and pricing, this property remains one of the most affordable options in the area, making it a truly desirable place to live.

3.Pinnock Beach Estate 

Located in Osapa London, Pinnock Beach Estate is a stunning, gated community that offers a comfortable and luxurious living experience. You can find it along Femi Okunnu Road (also known as Shoprite Road) in Lekki. It’s not just any neighborhood; it’s where famous Nigerians like Donjazzy live.

What makes Pinnock Beach Estate special? Well, it’s all about the amazing beach views you can enjoy from almost anywhere in the estate. Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean waves every day.

This place is well-planned too. The roads are smooth, there are proper drainage systems to prevent flooding, and the streets are well-lit for safe walks at night. The whole area is beautifully landscaped, with lots of green spaces that add to the charm.

If you live here, you’ll have spots for fun activities and lovely green areas in front of your house. Even the natural patches of greenery are a nice touch.

In short, Pinnock Beach Estate is not just a place to live; it’s a dream come true. It’s where you can enjoy a comfortable and stylish life in a beautiful setting. Welcome to the good life at Pinnock Beach Estate!

4.Milverton Estate 

Milverton Court is a lovely, secure housing community located on Alhaji Mudashiru Eletu Way commonly known as Shoprite Road in Osapa, Lekki. It’s just a short 15-minute drive to Victoria Island. The neighborhood boasts well-designed roads, proper drainage, and plenty of green spaces. You’ll enjoy round-the-clock access to water and electricity thanks to central generators. Plus, there’s a playground for kids and a designated party area for everyone to have a great time!

5.Clover Court

Clover Courts is a lovely residential community that’s been carefully crafted with the needs of singles and young families at its core. The design is refreshingly simple, yet highly functional, and the homes are generously spacious. This remarkable housing development was brought to life by the dedicated team at Clover Courts, who went above and beyond by including top-notch appliances in the fully equipped kitchens.

What sets Clover Courts apart are its two expansive playgrounds and a substantial water treatment facility, which was designed with the capability to serve twice the current demand. Moreover, the estate boasts an automated sewage treatment plant, ensuring a clean and sustainable environment for all residents to enjoy. So, whether you’re starting a family or enjoying the single life, Clover Courts has created the perfect place for you to call home

6.Cadogan Place Estate

Cadogan Place Estate is a truly exceptional residential complex, meticulously designed to enhance your daily life. This apartment, where smiles are always welcome, boasts a lot of amenities aimed at simplifying your lifestyle. You’ll find a luxurious soaking tub for relaxation, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity, a fully-equipped kitchen with a modern refrigerator, and a sleek flat-screen TV for your entertainment needs. The bathrooms are designed with your comfort in mind, offering both indulgent deep soaking bathtubs and refreshing rainfall showerheads.

Living at Cadogan feels like having a piece of Nigeria right outside your door. The estate offers a flawless and impressive service experience. Security here is unwaveringly strong, ensuring your safety at all times. Access is restricted, and guests are required to be registered by residents before entering, adding an extra layer of protection. The estate boasts a well-thought-out layout, attentive and courteous security personnel, and a diverse range of property options to suit your preferences. It’s more than just a place to live; it’s a haven of convenience and security.


AA Rescue 

AA Rescue is your go-to destination for a comprehensive range of driving school services and top-notch vehicle driving management solutions. Their primary mission revolves around ensuring the safety of motorists like you through effective instruction in driving skills and safety practices. You can find this company in the heart of Osapa London, ready to assist you on your journey to becoming a confident and responsible driver.

Peugeot Motor

 Peugeot Motor is a trusted automotive company located right here in Osapa London that takes pride in offering high-quality cars to drivers all across Nigeria. Their vehicles are built with robust materials, ensuring not only their durability but also speedy and efficient performance. What’s more, they sport sleek and diverse designs, giving you plenty of options to choose from to suit your preferences. With Peugeot Motor, you’re not just getting a car; you’re getting a reliable and stylish companion for your journeys.

Lifemate furniture 

Lifemate Furniture stands as a well-loved furniture haven located right in Osapa London, welcoming folks from all walks of life to discover and acquire exquisite, high-quality pieces that elevate the beauty of their homes. There is a diverse collection, so you can effortlessly find all your favorite furniture pieces in one delightful shopping experience. The furniture not only exudes beauty but also offers unrivaled comfort and durability. At Lifemate, they help you transform your living spaces into cozy and inviting sanctuaries with our stylish and reliable furniture.

Car lot 

Car Lot is your ultimate destination for a wide range of luxurious cars, catering to varying budgets, all elegantly displayed in a spacious parking lot ready for you to explore. The establishment is a thriving hub where individuals flock to find exceptional deals on their dream vehicles. It is located right in the heart of Osapa London, and is convenient for you to access the finest car options and enjoy a seamless buying experience. Whether you’re looking for affordable luxury or top-tier extravagance, Car Lot is here to provide you with the best choices in the industry.

Osapa London is home to a vibrant list of key industries, each contributing to the overall vitality of this wonderful community. In this welcoming environment, these industries flourish, offering residents the incredible benefit of convenient access to their invaluable services. Whether you’re in need of essential services or simply looking to explore the diverse range of businesses, Osapa London provides a friendly and accessible backdrop for all your needs. This harmonious blend of industry and community ensures that life in Osapa London is not only enjoyable but also enriched by the numerous services right at your doorstep.


Osapa London, a place where many have chosen to call home, offers an enticing blend of convenience and comfort that fulfills the dream of living close to work while enjoying reasonably priced markets and malls. It’s a destination that embodies affordable luxury, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you seek investment opportunities or yearn for peaceful living within a vibrant community offering an array of amenities and round-the-clock entertainment, Osapa London stands as the definitive solution to your housing dilemmas.

Now, let’s explore the available houses for sale in Osapa London and their respective prices, giving you a closer look at the housing options this vibrant community has to offer.

Various types of houses cater to different kinds of individual needs, like:

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 5+ Bedrooms
  • Fully-detached Duplexes 
  • Semi-detached Duplexes
  • Terraced Duplexes
  • Block of Flats


In Osapa London, Lekki community, you’ll find luxurious fully detached duplex homes. These stand-alone houses sit on their own spacious plots of land, offering privacy.

The physical separation in fully detached duplexes often results in superior sound insulation. Residents can enjoy a quieter and more serene living environment, free from any potential disturbances caused by shared walls. The absence of direct sound transmission enhances comfort and tranquility, making fully detached duplexes a preferred choice for those seeking a serene escape.

Fully detached duplexes, with their greater land size and exclusive independence, tend to come with a higher price point. While they may be a considerable investment, the added space and privacy often justify the cost for those seeking a premium living experience.


If you are looking for a more affordable housing option that still guarantees comfort and privacy in Osapa London, then you should consider purchasing a semi-detached duplex. 

A semi-detached duplex is a residential building comprising two separate living units that share a common wall. These two mirror-image homes are constructed adjacent to each other, creating the appearance of a single structure with distinct halves. Each unit has its own separate entrance and living space.

Although semi-detached duplexes maintain individual living spaces, they do share a portion of their boundary with the neighboring unit. This common wall and proximity to the adjacent unit may result in a slightly reduced level of privacy.

Soundproofing measures are typically incorporated into the design of semi-detached duplexes, but there may still be some sound transfer between the units due to the shared wall. However, advancements in construction materials and techniques have significantly improved noise reduction in these types of dwellings.


According to Wikipedia “A terrace is an external, raised, open, flat area in either a landscape near a building, or as a roof terrace on a flat roof”

A terrace duplex is a three-story building comprising a ground floor, first floor, and second floor.

Why is there sudden popularity of terrace duplexes in the island areas of Lagos, Nigeria? The answer is straightforward: they enable developers to construct more homes per plot of land, resulting in a higher return on investment. Additionally, terrace duplexes offer buyers the opportunity to purchase homes at more affordable prices, share certain costs with neighbors, and acquire stylish duplexes that fit within their budget.


This is the most common type of housing in Nigeria. A block of flats is a large building with multiple apartments, which can be owned by one person or several individuals.

If you live in one of these apartments alongside neighbors in the same building, you’re residing in a block of flats.

The interesting part is you can choose to buy a block of flats and rent them out annually or for short stays, rather than constructing one from scratch. Investing in a block of flats can be highly profitable over time and presents a valuable investment opportunity.

All these houses are available in Osapa London and their current prices are;

Houses Available in Osapa London,LekkiCurrent Listing
Fully-Detached Duplexranges from ₦150M to ₦450M (depending on number of bedrooms)
Semi-Detached Duplexranges from ₦100M to ₦350M(depending on the number of bedrooms)
Terraced Duplexranges from ₦85M to ₦190M(depending on the number of bedrooms and exact location)
Block of flatsranges from ₦35M to ₦750M(depending on the number of bedrooms and exact location)

The average price of Land for sale in Osapa London, lekki  ranges from ₦110M to ₦460M.


The average price of Shortlet for rent in Osapa London ranges from ₦75,000 per day to ₦172,000 per day.

The average price of a flat in Osapa London can vary depending on the number of rooms;

•The average price of a 1 bedroom flat in Osapa London ranges from ₦1.2M to ₦2.5M per annum.

•The average price of a 2 bedroom flat in Osapa London ranges from ₦1.8M to ₦4.5M per annum.

•The average price of a 3 bedroom flat in Osapa London ranges from ₦2M to ₦8.5M per annum.

The average price of Duplex for rent in Osapa London ranges from ₦4M to ₦10M per annum.

The average of a Bq for rent in Osapa London ranges from ₦350,000 to ₦600,000 per annum.

The average price of a Shared apartment in Osapa London ranges from ₦800,000 to ₦2M per annum.


What is the distance from Osapa London to Ikoyi?

The distance from Osapa London to Ikoyi is 12.8km which results in a 31 mins drive.

Where is Osapa London located in Lagos?

Osapa London is located In Lekki, Lagos. It is located along the Lekki- Epe expressway and is in close proximity to Lekki phase 1.

What is Osapa London’s postcode?

The postcode for Osapa London,Lekki is 101245.

What is the local government of Osapa London?

Osapa London falls under the Eti-Osa local government area, which also covers areas like Agungi, Ibeju, and nearby regions.

How do I get to Osapa London from Oshodi?

To get to Osapa London from Oshodi, it’s approximately 42.2 kilometers via the expressway, and the drive usually takes about 1 hour and 17 minutes.

What is the distance from Osapa London to Victoria Island?

 The distance from Osapa London to Victoria Island is approximately 12.8 kilometers via the Lekki-Epe expressway, typically taking around 32 minutes to drive.

What is the distance from Osapa London to Ajah?

Osapa London to Ajah is about 10.4 kilometers via the Lekki-Epe expressway, with an estimated driving time of 27 minutes.


Osapa London is a truly exceptional place to call home. It boasts proximity to numerous prime locations, yet its luxurious housing retains a warm and inviting atmosphere. For those living abroad, it serves as a cherished reminder of closeness and unity.

The area offers a wide array of entertainment venues, hospitals, hotels, schools, and industries, making it a hub for vibrant day and nightlife. Safety is a top priority, ensuring both residents and visitors feel completely at ease.

If you’re in search of a real estate investment opportunity in Lagos that allows you to reside on the island in a beautiful home, whether rented or purchased, look no further than Osapa London. With a diverse community that includes both middle-class and high-earning individuals, social connections thrive daily.

Furthermore, there is a diverse range of housing options to accommodate individuals, young families, and larger families, all tailored to various budgets. If you’re still contemplating a move to this bustling metropolis, please don’t hesitate to reach out for ongoing updates on real estate opportunities. We’re here to help you find your perfect Osapa London home!


I’ve got an engineering background and a real passion for understanding how awesome homes are created. That’s why I became a realtor in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m always out exploring the city for the best property deals that offer quality and great architecture, with a chance to double your profits.

What makes me trustworthy? I’ve become a reliable source for people looking to buy property, both from Nigeria and around the world. I give them real info about these places and help them close legit deals. I found this amazing place called Osapa London during my property searches.

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You can check out the stuff I’ve put together over time to get to know more about what I do. But if you’re serious about real estate, send me a message to learn more about how I can help you and to stay updated.

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