Beachfront Property In Ibeju Lekki
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The Best Beachfront Property In Ibeju Lekki That You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2023 | Real Estate with Sally | 2023

Firstly, for those of us who don’t know what a beachfront property is I would like to quickly drop a breakdown of what it means.

So, beachfront property or properties are those properties that have close proximity or directly facing a water body. It can be any kind of water, a lagoon, a stream, an ocean, wetlands or just some river. 

A beachfront property is thus, not regarded as a dry land by nature, but through human activities like sand filling, the soil can be managed to serve the purpose of which its owner wants it for but of course, that costs money. 

If you are considering buying into a beachfront property then you need to read this article to the end before making a decision.

The truth is this, construction on a beachfront property is way more expensive than construction on a plain land. This is because the nature of soil found in a beach front property is more loose compared to that on dry land thereby creating the need for a casted foundation. 

The little thing I know about construction is that the foundation is the most important aspect of a building. 

There are recorded and witnessed millions of cases of the consequences of bad foundationing. Million dollar investments have been sunk to the ground thanks to bad foundations, so anyone looking at buying or developing a beachfront property should very much bear in mind that a lot of work has to be put into the foundation of the property. 

The foundation of a beachfront property has to be casted, you don’t want to have water leaking up from the floor, right? As we know, casting demands a lot of cement, so from the filling of the land to get it to an erosion free height to the casting of the foundation; you’ll realize that a lot more has been spent. 

But then, you’ll have really nothing to lose when you do your work very well, beachfront properties generate more ROI compared to properties on dry land, aside from the beautiful and scenic natural views that it has. 

Take for instance the prices of properties in Eko Atlantic, you will understand the price difference compared to properties in Ikeja. That is one big advantage of beachfront properties. 

Pros and Cons of Beachfront Properties.

Below are the Pros and Cons of beachfront properties that you should know before buying a beachfront property in 2023.

Pros of Beachfront Properties.

  1. High property appreciation
  2. Permanent views
  3. Better Investment Potential
  4. Lifestyle and Nature

Cons of Beachfront Properties

  1. Added regulations (You may be restricted to build certain patterns of building)
  2. Less Privacy
  3. Climatic Changes
  4. High cost of Maintenance

Now, you are fully aware of what you are buying into, so, I would like to present to you the most beautiful Beachfront Property in town right now that is currently selling. 

Good news is, this property is dry land, you don’t have to fill up anything and you can also start building whenever you want to. 

It is directly facing the Atlantic Ocean, the same water body that connects Eko Atlantic. Wow!

Beachfront Property

With all certainty and frankliness, you will be missing a lot if you don’t buy into this property now.

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Located in a secure and serene environment, so what more can you ask for? 

Buying this property for Commercial or Residential purpose is a no loss game. We can help you resell it when you want to, as well as providing you with better Investment Ideas to maximize your Returns On Investment (ROI) buying this property. 

I believe you don’t want to miss out, Click the link below to

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