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Lists of The Top 3 Best Estates to Live in Ikota in 2023- Real Estate with Sally

Ikota is a neghbourhood in between Ajah and the second toll gate, Lekki off the Lekki-Epe expressway. 

It is often regarded as an escapade destination for the select few looking to escape from the noise and rowdiness of the Lekki and Ajah area without entirely missing out on the bubbles!

Estates in Ikota are iconically mostly known for their quietness and beautiful sceneries notwithstanding their accessibility to tasteful restaurants, bars, malls, hotels, and everything that makes up the ease and life of the city.

The cost of living in Ikota is relatively synonymous with living within the Chevron, Lekki, and Agungi, environments.

Like it’s the custom in Lagos, Ikota is flooded with several impeccably beautiful estates.

As a realtor, I have spent almost half a decade around the neighbourhood, and from a personal and professional point of view of what an estate should be and shouldn’t be. 

Below are the factors to consider in determining a choice of the best estate to live in, in Ikota, Lagos, Nigeria.

5 Critical Factors Every Buyer Should Consider Before Making the Choice of an Estate in Ikota, Lekki Lagos

  • Location: Location is everything. The location of an estate is crucial, as it can greatly affect the value and potential return on investment of the property. 

Estates with close proximity to key amenities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, as well as good road networks, should be at the forefront of consideration.

  • Security: Like our popular slogan would usually say, “ na who dey alive dey live for house”. Safety and security should be non-negotiable, Estates with good security measures in place, such as gated communities, security guards, and CCTV cameras should be of prime priority.
  • Infrastructure: Make sure that the estate has good infrastructure, such as well-paved roads, functioning drainage systems, and reliable electricity and water supply as well as less prone to erosion.
  • Amenities: Look for derivatives that offer amenities such as parks, playgrounds, community centers, and sports facilities.
  • Developer’s reputation: It’s equally important to consider the developer’s reputation, as a good reputation instills the quality of the construction and reduces the potential of being defrauded.

Cost of Living in Ikota

The cost of living in Ikota can be high or affordable, majorly depending on your taste and lifestyle. 

If you are looking to live in Ikota, you will need to budget for your accommodation, food, transportation, and other living expenses. Accommodation costs can vary greatly depending on the type of housing you choose. 

For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Ikota may cost between N120,000 and N150,000 per month.

Food costs will also vary depending on your dietary preferences. A meal at a mid-range restaurant in Ikota may cost between N2,500 and N7000. 

Transportation costs will vary depending on your preferred mode of transportation. 

If you plan to use public transportation, a monthly bus pass to and fro  Lekki Phase 1 may cost between N20,000 and N30,000. 

Other living expenses such as laundry, entertainment, and internet access could also add up.

Amenities in Ikota

There are several amenities in Ikota that makes Ikota a home to many. Amenities like access to multiple shopping options, restaurants, and businesses at a stroll. 

Notwithstanding access to a great number of affordable and bespoke schools for different income categories, making it a great place to raise a family. 

Sharing close proximity to Ajah, Ikota is surrounded by a number of beautiful and exciting beaches!

Security and Safety Situation in Ajah

Unlike Ajah, Ikota is well known for its high level of security and safety.

With the rapid developments of the area, it is known to be one of the most peaceful and secure places to live in Lagos Nigeria. 

Due to the fast pace growing number of estates and developmental activities in the area, there is little to no suburban area and there is a competitive number of estates surrounding it.

Security is a top priority in these estates. A number of measures have been employed to ensure the safety of residents like 24-hour security, CCTV cameras, and regular patrols by the security team. 

Notwithstanding, visitors are not allowed in without a call approval by a resident or recital of the access code, which changes daily.

Neighbouring Places in Ajah

Ikota is surrounded by key landmarks some of which include:

Mega Chicken Ikota

Mega Chicken is the most famous landmark in Ikota, even in the dark of the night, you could stop anyone asking for directions and you will definitely not be led amiss.

Mega Chicken is a restaurant chain and the oldest fast food within the Ikota-Ajah axis. For a very long time, as a matter of fact, it was the only fast-food restaurant chain in Ikota and Ajah.

It is nicely located beside Ikota Villa Estate. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

FilmHouse Ikota

Until 2022 Cinemas and entertainment centres could be said to be scarce around the Lekki-Ajah environments until Filmhouse launched its Ikota branch in late 2022.

It’s a great place to stroll into and cool off from the Lagos hustle and stress!

 Orchid Road

Orchid road is a famous road along the second toll gate, Ikota neighbourhood in Ikota, Lekki Lagos.

The famous road is a derivative of the Orchid Hotel in Ikota. It is famed to be the first hotel in the neighbourhood, the reason the hotel was named after it.

Orchid road leads to a wide number of estates like Victoria Crest Estate, Ocean Bay Estate, Lake View Estate, etc.

The road was previously known for heavy traffic congestion but as of the time of writing this post, the road is currently under construction and has been equally expanded.

By implication, it’s zero to no traffic at all!

Ikota Villa Estate

Ikota Villa estate as the name implies is a popular estate located along the Lekki-Epe expressway, beside the Mega Chicken restaurant outlet.

Ikota Villa estate has a central management authority. Individuals and property developers acquire lands and are free to build houses of their choice. 

Most developers often tend to build smaller estates & courts within the estate for exclusivity and a more effective management.

Houses in the estate are mostly 3 – 4 bedroom duplexes (for sale/rent), apartment blocks with 2 & 3 bedroom flats (mostly for rent), and 4 – 5 bedroom duplexes.

The estate has a gated entrance and exit manned by unarmed guards. Entry into the estate is strictly restricted.

Should you Move to Ikota?

Well, the question can only be best answered by you.

Factors like proximity to the workplace might be a consideration to look out for while making that decision

Ikota is blessed with amazing schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, hotels, restaurants, malls, markets, cinemas, bars, and more to accommodate every aspect of everyday living without having to drive far distances.

List of Estates in Ikota and their Uniqueness

Whether you are looking for a serene residential area or a commercial hub, Ikota has it all covered. 

As one of Lagos’ most sought-after areas, Ikota boasts an array of world-class estates that provide unmatched comfort and sophistication. 

From exclusive gated communities to high-end apartments, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best estates in Ikota just for you!

Lake View Estate:

Lake View Estate is a serviced residential estate located after the Eleganza shopping mall opposite VGC, on the Lekki-Epe expressway.

The estate was developed by Gran Imperio group and consists of 202 residential plots of 600 sqm and 800 sqm which are already sold out on the primary market. 

Gran Imperio the developers, constructed infrastructures like tarred roads, street lights, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, transformers, and drainage facilities and sold plots to individuals. 

The estate has an artificial lake which serves as a major side attraction of the neighbourhood. 

The estate has a gated entrance and exit, visitors are required to call their hosts for clearance, and then sign a visitor’s register upon entry and exit.  

lakeview estate ikota

Price of properties in Lake View Estate:

  • 4 bedroom detached duplex – ₦150 million – ₦250 million
  •  5 bedroom detached duplex – ₦200 million – ₦350 million

Lekki County Homes (Megamound Estate):

The word impeccable would be meaningless if it wasn’t describing Lekki County Homes, also known as Megamound Estate.

As the name implies, Megamound Estate as often called is an estate development by Megamound.

It was developed by Megamound Investment Ltd. and product of a joint venture between Megamound Ltd, Mayfair Building Society, and IFL Ventures. 

It sits on 66.8 hectares of land.

The estate is surrounded by nature, just like VGC. It is well landscaped, with trees planted along the roads and flowers planted in front of most houses. 

The estate provides residents with amenities like water supply, street lights, and security with a 24hr patrol around the estate. 

Buildings within the estate have a compulsory 10m setback from the street roads, and there are regulations guiding the construction of buildings within the estate. 

The estate has a secure gated entrance and exit, and visitors are required to call their hosts before being allowed entry. 

Management in the estate is strict and effective, clean and well maintained.

Price of properties in Megamound Estate:

  • 4 bedroom Semi-detached duplexes – ₦160 million – ₦180 million
  • 5 bedroom fully detached duplex – ₦220 million – ₦350 million

The service charge is ₦180,000 annually while water is charged separately at ₦8000 monthly.

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