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Owning a home in Nigeria holds a special place in the hearts of many Nigerians. It’s not just about purchasing property; it’s about realizing a dream deeply woven into the fabric of Nigerian life. However, taking the step to buy your first home can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re new to the world of real estate.

Before buying a house, it is best to understand what type of house you are going for and most times, determining which one to buy is determined by your choice and budget. 

Nigeria’s housing market is diverse and ever-evolving, offering a wide range of choices when it comes to homes. There’s something for everyone, from the grandeur of villas and mansions to the practicality of duplexes and the coziness of bungalows. But that’s not all; in recent years, technology has brought us smart homes, adding a layer of convenience and security that was once unimaginable. These homes allow you to control various aspects of your living space remotely, making life more comfortable and secure.

Now, imagine you’re on a quest to find the perfect home for your family. It’s not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about creating a haven where you can build cherished memories and watch your dreams take shape. To make the right choice, you need to consider your family’s unique needs and the way you like to live. It’s a journey of self-discovery as much as it is about real estate.

But here’s a tip: don’t go it alone. Navigating the complex world of real estate in Nigeria is easier with the help of an experienced real estate agent. They’re like your personal guides, providing insights, market knowledge, and invaluable advice to ensure you make the best decision for your family’s future.

If you’re a Nigerian living abroad, and you’re yearning for a piece of your homeland. You want a place that feels like home, even when you’re miles away. You want to reconnect with your roots, immerse yourself in Nigerian culture, and be a part of vibrant communities. That’s where our article comes in.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that showcases the best housing options available in Ajah,Nigeria today. Through vivid descriptions and captivating images, we aim to paint a picture of what could be your future home. It’s like taking a virtual tour of Nigeria’s real estate market, helping you bridge the gap between your dreams and reality. Whether you’re considering a move back to Nigeria or simply want to invest in property, our resource is designed with you in mind, offering a glimpse of the opportunities that await you in Nigeria’s real estate landscape.


Ajah is located in Lagos State, Nigeria and stands as a renowned locale within the Lagos Island region. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Eti-Osa local government area. Located along the Lekki axis, Ajah enjoys close proximity to Lekki and offers a convenient 30 to 40-minute drive to Victoria Island.

Ajah, like many island areas, is near the Atlantic Ocean which means there are plenty beaches surrounding it. What sets it apart is its affordability compared to neighboring regions, often earning it the distinction of a border town in Lagos.

Regarded as an excellent choice for starting a family, Ajah boasts a diverse population, encompassing both upper-class and middle-class residents. Notably, Ajah enjoys consistent power supply and convenient access to local markets, adding to its appeal.

While Ajah has garnered attention in various articles, this guide provides comprehensive insights and essential information about this vibrant area.


Ajah was a vast wasteland that very few people considered moving to. It faced numerous challenges, such as a lack of clean water and underdevelopment, making it unattractive for anyone looking to buy land or property. But then, something significant happened – development started fiercely when industries started moving there.

This sparked a wave of interest among other developers. Gradually, things began to change for the better. People started building better houses, and land in Ajah began selling rapidly. Other businesses also took notice and started opening branches there. You could find familiar places like Chicken Republic, shopping malls, gaming arcades.

The government also stepped in to improve the area’s infrastructure. A bridge was built to make it easier to get to Ajah and alleviate traffic congestion. As a result, Ajah quickly transformed into one of the most desirable places to live on the island, catering to the needs of families, singles, and everyone in between. It also became home to some of Nigeria’s best industries.

Fast forward to today, and Ajah’s popularity continues to soar. Every day, up to 50 people decide to move to different parts of Ajah. This remarkable growth and development have turned Ajah into a thriving and attractive place to call home.

While there are more diverse groups of people who call Ajah home, this article has focused on these five distinctive profiles.

Various types of houses cater to different kinds of individual needs, like:

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 5+ Bedrooms
  • Fully-detached Duplexes 
  • Semi-detached Duplexes
  • Detached Bungalows 
  • Terraced Bungalows 
  • Terraced Duplexes
  • Block of Flats


In Ajah Lekki community, you’ll find luxurious fully detached duplex homes. These stand-alone houses sit on their own spacious plots of land, offering privacy.

The physical separation in fully detached duplexes often results in superior sound insulation. Residents can enjoy a quieter and more serene living environment, free from any potential disturbances caused by shared walls. The absence of direct sound transmission enhances comfort and tranquility, making fully detached duplexes a preferred choice for those seeking a serene escape.

Fully detached duplexes, with their greater land size and exclusive independence, tend to come with a higher price point. While they may be a considerable investment, the added space and privacy often justify the cost for those seeking a premium living experience.


If you are looking for a more affordable housing option that still guarantees comfort and privacy in Ajah, then you should consider purchasing a semi-detached duplex. 

A semi-detached duplex is a residential building comprising two separate living units that share a common wall. These two mirror-image homes are constructed adjacent to each other, creating the appearance of a single structure with distinct halves. Each unit has its own separate entrance and living space.

Although semi-detached duplexes maintain individual living spaces, they do share a portion of their boundary with the neighboring unit. This common wall and proximity to the adjacent unit may result in a slightly reduced level of privacy.

Soundproofing measures are typically incorporated into the design of semi-detached duplexes, but there may still be some sound transfer between the units due to the shared wall. However, advancements in construction materials and techniques have significantly improved noise reduction in these types of dwellings.


Bungalows, those charming one-story homes, have always held a special place in our hearts. These delightful abodes are characterized by their minimal use of stairs, with most of the living and slumbering quarters conveniently located on a single level. Typically, you’ll find 2 to 3 bedrooms accompanied by a single bathroom. When it comes to above-grade square footage, you can expect around 1000 square feet of cozy living space.

Now, let’s delve into the intriguing history of bungalows. These iconic homes first made their appearance in the 1950s and gracefully persisted into the mid-1960s. What’s fascinating is that their appeal has surged in recent years, attracting a diverse range of enthusiasts. Whether you’re an astute investor seeking potential, a downsizer yearning for simplicity, a first-time homeowner embarking on a new chapter, or anyone in between, bungalows offer something unique to each.

What truly sets detached bungalows apart is their independence. These homes stand as lone sentinels, with no shared walls to encroach upon your privacy. And if you’re a family seeking both spaciousness and a slice of outdoor paradise, most detached bungalows come complete with a front yard and backyard, providing an ideal setting for creating treasured memories. And by the way, did we mention that remarkable bungalows are available in Ajah ? 


While we’ve already defined what a bungalow is, you might be intrigued by the concept of a terraced bungalow.

Terraced bungalows are charming homes designed as part of a continuous row in a consistent architectural style. These houses share a common wall with their neighbors, resulting in a snug, bungalow-like ambiance, yet there’s little separation between them.

One compelling reason to consider purchasing a terraced bungalow is the potential cost savings. Despite their connected nature, terraced bungalows retain their beauty, coziness, and practicality for everyday living. 


According to Wikipedia “A terrace is an external, raised, open, flat area in either a landscape near a building, or as a roof terrace on a flat roof”

A terrace duplex is a three-story building comprising a ground floor, first floor, and second floor.

Why is there sudden popularity of terrace duplexes in the island areas of Lagos, Nigeria? The answer is straightforward: they enable developers to construct more homes per plot of land, resulting in a higher return on investment. Additionally, terrace duplexes offer buyers the opportunity to purchase homes at more affordable prices, share certain costs with neighbors, and acquire stylish duplexes that fit within their budget.


This is the most common type of housing in Nigeria. A block of flats is a large building with multiple apartments, which can be owned by one person or several individuals.

If you live in one of these apartments alongside neighbors in the same building, you’re residing in a block of flats.

The interesting part is you can choose to buy a block of flats and rent them out annually or for short stays, rather than constructing one from scratch. Investing in a block of flats can be highly profitable over time and presents a valuable investment opportunity.

All these houses are available in Ajah and their current prices are;

Houses Available in Ajah,LekkiCurrent Listing
Fully-Detached Duplexranges from ₦80M to ₦500M (depending on number of bedrooms)
Semi-Detached Duplexranges from ₦55M to ₦85M(depending on the number of bedrooms)
Detached Bungalowranges from ₦22M to ₦65M(depending on the number of bedrooms and exact location)
Terraced Bungalowranges from ₦25M to ₦65M(depending on the number of bedrooms and exact location)
Terraced Duplexranges from ₦43M to ₦75M(depending on the number of bedrooms and exact location)
Block of flatsranges from ₦25M to ₦370M(depending on the number of bedrooms and exact location)

Renting a flat in Ajah typically costs between ₦500,000 and ₦700,000 per year, depending on the number of bedrooms and location. For a self-contained apartment, the average range is ₦250,000 to ₦450,000. In Ajah, you can find affordable housing options with access to great amenities, making it a comfortable place to live within your budget.

It’s crucial to work with a reliable agent when buying or renting properties. It will not only help you avoid unnecessary expenses and scams but also assist you in finding homes you’ll truly adore and cherish.


Living on Lagos Island:

Living on Lagos Island, especially in upscale areas like Lekki, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island, comes with a reputation for being quite expensive. These neighborhoods are famous for their luxurious real estate properties. For instance, Victoria Island is home to some of Nigeria’s top-notch hotels, and Ikoyi and Lekki boast some of the finest estates in the country. These areas are synonymous with wealth and prestige.

Now, this might make you wonder: Why do some people choose to move to Ajah, another part of Lagos Island?

Why People Move to Ajah:

  1. Affordability: Ajah offers a more budget-friendly alternative within Lagos Island. It’s a place where you can find markets with items sold at more reasonable prices compared to the high-end areas.
  2. Enhanced Security: Safety is a priority in Ajah, considering the wealth in surrounding areas. Many estates here have stringent security measures in place, thoroughly checking all visitors to ensure residents’ safety.
  3. Maintenance: Estates in Ajah typically maintain their properties well, ensuring they stay in good condition.
  4. Employment Opportunities: Ajah attracts individuals looking for job opportunities. The island’s economic activity means there are plenty of chances for employment.
  5. Modern Comfort: If you’re into modern living, Ajah has new houses with contemporary designs and sometimes even smart home features, providing residents with comfort and convenience.
  6. Essential Amenities: Gated estates in Ajah come with necessary amenities like security, reliable electricity, water supply, and well-maintained roads, making it a convenient place to live.
  7. Investment Potential: Ajah is also seen as a place with great potential for the future. With significant investments happening in the Lekki axis, Ajah is expected to become even more attractive for both work and living.
  8. Transportation: Ajah boasts numerous landmarks and convenient transportation options to various parts of Nigeria. GUO Transport can be found in Graceland Estate, Ajah, while GIG is situated at 25 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ajah, catering to all your travel needs.
  9. There are many beautiful estates in Ajah,Lagos. This is also one key factor behind the decision to move.

Ajah is becoming one of the best places to live in Lagos, and it’s no surprise that people are drawn to it. There are several popular places in Ajah that many call home.


What is the distance between the airport and Ajah?

Ajah is approximately 29 km away from the airport by road, covering a distance of about 44.7 km.

Is Ajah considered part of the mainland or the island?

Ajah is situated on the island.

Which local government area does Ajah belong to?

Ajah falls under the jurisdiction of the Eti-Osa local government.

Where can I find the Opay office in Ajah?

You can visit Opay office at AJAH OFFICE Majestic place opposite Enyo filling station Ado Road, Ajah Lagos. O.A.

What’s the approximate distance between Ajah and Lekki?

The distance from Lekki Phase 1 to Ajah/Sangotedo is roughly 12.69 miles (20.42 km) and takes approximately 42 minutes to travel.

Is Ajah the same as Lekki?

Ajah and Lekki share similarities as Ajah is a neighborhood located within the broader Lekki vicinity.

Which local government area encompasses Badore in Ajah?

Badore, within Ajah, falls under the jurisdiction of the Eti-Osa local government in Lagos.

Is Ajah considered a desirable place for residence?

Certainly, Ajah is an attractive place to live, providing the opportunity to dwell on the island while still offering cost savings compared to certain other areas.

What is the approximate distance between Ajah and Ikeja?

The distance from Ajah to Ikeja is roughly 28 kilometers, with a road distance measuring approximately 42.7 kilometers.


Finally, after reading this article, you must be excited about the idea of moving to Ajah or gaining valuable insights about the area. Ajah is truly one of the best places to live, especially when guided by the expertise of Sally in real estate. Say goodbye to frustrating house-hunting experiences and the disappointment of not getting what you expected.

With Real Estate with Sally, all you need to do is share your housing requirements and budget, and our mission is to find you the perfect home within your financial means.

It’s time to invest in your peace of mind and make your house feel like a true home. This smart investment will save you from various ongoing expenses like unreliable electricity, poor road conditions, noisy neighborhoods, unpleasant odors, inadequate waste management, and much more.

Curious about how affordable your dream home can be? Contact us today to get a quote tailored to your budget. Your dream home is closer than you think!


Real Estate with Sally is a Lagos, Nigeria based team of savvy Real Estate experts, helping investment focused individuals invest right in the Lagos, Nigeria Real Estate space by recommending the right properties in the right location with optimal value appreciation prospects and guaranteed returns.

Our core services include, property acquisition, advisory and investment portfolio management.

We’re value focused, young, fun, exciting and aggressively hard working to meet up with our corporate goal of delivering exceptional quality service, over transaction.

We take pride in guaranteeing that you won’t encounter any deceit, and you’ll secure the finest, affordable deals. Witnessing your joy as you step into your dream home is our greatest reward, and we make sure this journey is smooth, cost-effective, and free from any unwelcome surprises.

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  • 7 baths
  • 1000
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